The Lawn Essentials

It is important to have a complete set of tools so you can properly maintain the health and aesthetics of your lawn with ease. A lot of these tools are available at your local hardware store. All you need to do is know each of their purposed, so you know how to use them accordingly.

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This a tool that almost every household with a garden has. There are a lot of types available, depending on what kind of blades you want for your grass. Some lawn mowers are used manually, meaning it requires force and pushes to get the blades rolling. There is also a gas type mower. A machine is used to propel the blades to cut the grass.

String Trimmer

This is a helping hand tool for the lawnmower because it can cut grass where the lawnmower can’t reach. Aside from using steel blades to cut the grass, they use nylon string at high speed to be able to have cutting action. The nylon string is used so it won’t be to damage the walls, fences, and patios where there may be grassy areas.

Edging Shears

This tool is useful for giving you lawns a nice clean cut in the edges, giving it a nice neat look. It can push the soil away from the grass, and there is also bent scissor that cuts out the awkward loose strands that make your garden look messy. It is an excellent finishing touch after you’ve everything else.

Turfing Iron

This is a sharp pointed tool that is used to cut and slice underneath the grass to remove the turf from the lawn. This will be able to level the pieces of grass and make your garden look evenly leveled.

Half Moon Cutter

You can use this for creating straight, smooth fissures that look like straight cuts on your lawn. This is an efficient slicing tool utilized on the lawn with a flat, smooth blade to make sure it is straight all the time.


Just like using a brush inside a house, this is used to remove all unwanted debris like leaves and dirt stones that will reflect negatively. For grass types, it is recommended to use brooms that have soft tips. And if you want to sweep your pathways and patios, you can use brooms with a harder tip.


This usually looks like a witch’s broom in one of those halloween movies. And you can make this in your home by collect a bunch of birch wood and tying them together to stick. This is excellent for sweeping away the leaves during the Autumn season and sweeping top-dressing into the holes after aeration.

Remember that your backyard have a lot of different needs that need to be satisfied. And these different tools serve their purpose but have a common goal which is to keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful. It will be worth it to invest in these tools because they also last a long time and they show fast and high-quality results.




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